Welcome to Treasure Chest Ventures - Where We Get Paid After You Do

I'm searching for partners who know there are hidden revenue opportunities in their business, but don't have the time and energy to get to it all.

I'll generate the leads and close the sales for you - all you have to do is fulfil the product or service and collect the profit.

I'll invest in a sales team, creative and all expenses required.

All we need is your go-ahead to get started.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Connection

We connect and see where the easy revenue opportunities are in your business. We'll see if it makes sense to run a test together and what our chances of success are

Step 2: Testing

If we have a reasonable chance of success, Hungry Fox will fund a test to see if we can get some initial results for you. Consider this a "core sample" or first date to see whether it's worth pursuing further or not. This protects you and us from committing to something that's not going to work.

Step 3: We keep going

If the test has some success, we will fund the entire operation to mine your new revenue sources on an ongoing basis.

There are no long-term commitments, but since we will fund and take care of all the logistics, then you'll have no reason not to continue.

Step 4: Find additional opportunities

Chances are, there are other opportunities we can tap into that build off of our initial project, so we'll explore further opportunities together.

What's the downside?

Because we assume all the risk, and we start with an initial test, the only thing you're risking is a little bit of time.

We turnkey everything so you lose nothing if the test doesn't work, and of course, we all participate in the upside.

We minimize our risk by partnering with folks who have a great chance of success (more on that below).

What kind of partners am I looking for?

To have a chance at success and gaining some easy revenue on your behalf, there are a few things we look for in our partners.

  • No brand new offers or businesses — If you're just getting started or are testing a new offer, we can't guarantee success. Our methods will work best with established businesses with a list of past customers/clients


  • People must like you — If your past customers/clients and current prospects hate your guts, or they feel ripped off, we can't do much with that. Sorry.


  • You have to be cool to work with — If we're going to enter into a relationship, this has to be fun for both of us. Life and business are supposed to be enjoyable, and life is too short to spend our time stressed out.


  • Sorry, no control freaks — Since we are taking all the risk and funding everything, we'll handle the whole process. This is meant to be largely hands off on your part, so if you want to micro-manage the process, I totally get it, but we won't be a good fit

How to get started

The easiest way to get started is to shoot me a quick message on Facebook or LinkedIn.

I don't have a ton of fancy funnels or anything like that...I prefer human connection.

I promise I won't bite and I'll be cool. I may not respond instantly but I will get back to you.

Find me on LinkedIn here: linkedin.com/in/ben-poggemiller-7a06b7234

Find me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ben.poggemiller

A little more info...

My name is Ben, and I've got systems in place to make sales virtually.

I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising for my own offers and others, and currently own a valuable local business.

Here's me in my hot tub dressed like a pirate

pirate pic

I realize some of the details on this page are a bit vague, but that's because every situation is different and I have to ask you a bunch of questions to see where we can help.